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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Navigating Through Change & Transition Part III

Creating Certainty

Change and uncertainty bring about myriad responses in people. Stress increases for some. Others may look at an opportunity to reassess their lives, personally and/or professionally to make new or different choices. Interactions with others can present challenges, depending on how you and they respond to current or changing circumstances. Whether or not you welcome change, things can become easier the better we understand ourselves and others, hone our communication skills and reduce stress.

There are tools and resources available to assist you with creating certainty in uncertain times including:

DiSC® Classic Behavorial Style Profile
Personal Listening Profile®
Coping & Stress Profile®
Time Mastery Profile®

Each profile comes with a complimentary 30-minute follow-up phone session to your discuss results. To order the above profiles**, e-mail Info (at) ASystemthatWorks (dot) com. Also I've created Sample Action Plan for Times of Change and Uncertainty as a simple tool to assist in bringing greater clarity and focus.

In Certainty & Focus,


**Your investment in the above profiles is only $31 each. The complimentary follow-up session is valued at $75. Act now to begin to experience greater certainty and ease.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Navigating Through Change and Transition: Part II

Take Charge of Your Life:
Navigating Through Change and Transition

Part II

Change is a natural part of life. How we think and feel about change makes a difference as to how we experience things before, during and after the situation/event.
Following are insights and Points to Ponder from my experience, observations and work with clients along with insights from others, as cited. As you read through them, notice how you respond and what goes through your mind.

Points to Ponder

* Change is a natural, normal part of life.

* There are Three Stages of Transition:
The Neutral Zone
New Beginnings

"People don’t resist change; they resist transition. It is difficult to leave behind the “old” ways, even if the new way is exciting and appealing. People resist the loss of their identity (and sense of security)..." ~ William Bridges

* Change involves going from the known to the unknown. Stepping into uncertainty is what the unknown is all about.

* It is natural to experience a range of emotions when in the midst of change and transition. Denying your feelings can lead to increased stress, health issues and depression.

"When things change, we leave behind the way things were, and the way we were under those circumstances."
~ William Bridges
* Creating a plan of action is one way to navigate through change and transition allowing you to take charge of your life.

* Every moment is an opportunity, choose wisely how you use it.
Select one or two of the above to reflect on during the week. Then be aware. Simply observe yourself and your responses to the various change experiences this week.
Tune in to the next post for Part III.

© 2009, 2010 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Navigating Through Change and Transition, Part I

There are several areas that cause clients concern and myriad challenges. One of the biggies is change. Here is an excerpt from a program that has helped many with understanding, clarity and focus.

Take Charge of Your Life: Navigating Through Change and Transition
Change offers the opportunity to look at and explore ways to learn and grow in our life and everyday livingness. Consider the following opportunities…


Honor yourself and your feelings.
Have a plan.
Help others.


No to negativity.
New opportunities abound.

Gain clarity.
Generate joy.
Give thanks.

Express your feelings.
Exercise your body, mind and heart
Engage enthusiasm.
It’s not so much that we’re afraid of change or so in love with
the old ways, but it’s that place in between that we fear...
Marilyn Ferguson
Tune in to the next post for Part II.
© 2009, 2010 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Allowing or Pushing

A few years ago a friend gifted me The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have by Mark Nepo. This book of daily 'guidance' was written by a man who chose to share wisdom, insights, observations from a life encompassing the spectrum of experiences—ordinary to difficult, life threatening to life giving—brought about by choices made.

I have come to treasure this book. Each day, each year I glean greater awarenesses along with the opportunity to live mindfully and intentionally. Today the reading was on Patience, something I've danced with many times, successfully and not so. One thought in particular stood out.

"...Had I not waited—which is different than avoiding what needs to be done...

Fear wants us to act too soon. But patience, hard as it is, helps us outlast our preconceptions..."

Various questions come to mind, including:

* How many times had I claimed to be patient when I was actually avoiding a situation, conversation, choice because I was afraid?

* What were the results from acting too soon because fear was the driver instead of wise discernment?

* How often did I push (fear based) instead of allow (trust based)?

We gain wisdom in many ways. Consciously tuning in allows the opportunity to move beyond preconceptions to clarity. This is what I choose. How about you?

In the Flow of Patiently Allowing,


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