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Monday, January 26, 2009

Walking Perspective

I needed a break from working on the computer so chose to take a walk, stretch my legs and mind, along with getting some fresh air. The small cemetery called to me; a quiet beautiful setting perfect for contemplation and exercise.

Yes some of you are thinking what an odd place to go for a break. To me it is the perfect place. This place and this walk helps to give me perspective. Just as there are people here from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures that have had families and jobs, there are those of us drawn to the various types of work we do that also come from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Some have been here a while, and some are new. Once again I become aware of the wisdom, lives touched, changes, opportunities and lasting legacies.

Most people only associate cemeteries with death. Yet if they look around they’ll see so much life. Gray squirrels run, hop and climb as they do what comes natural. Birds sing and chirp as they sit on tree limbs or telephone wires. There are the grasses, plants; oh yes, and then there are the trees. Numerous varieties are scattered about the grounds including evergreens and oak. The trees have long shed their leaves. Though, I recall the beauty of the trees through each of the seasons. My favorites, though, are the tall trees arching over the lane welcoming all who come as if with great honor and reverence.

Traffic speeds by oblivious to what is beyond the open gates.

My walk. This walk especially puts me on notice to change—life changes, seasonal changes, changes within the seasons; outer seasons and those of our lives. Some of the changes we choose. And then there are those that choose us. Nature doesn’t question the seasons or change. In fact it provides a model and metaphor for us in our work and how we live our lives.

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